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VERY RARE LFC Patch - Liverbird

VERY RARE LFC Patch - Liverbird



These are extremely rare LFC patches with a nice story behind them.

In the 1980s Kingfisher Patches hand made these badges in a factory in Teeside. The owner of the company recently died and her great nephew found these badges in her loft. They have all been sat there being perfectly preserved for over 30 years. 

The patches have an adhesive back or can be sewn on. We were tempted to just keep them ourselves but decided to share the love! But be very very quick as, unless some more get found in another loft, these might be the last batch to ever go on sale. Certainly in this condition. 

We'll even throw in a few TAW stickers too. We're nice like that. 

Postage just £1 UK, £1.50 Europe, £2 Rest of World